Thank you to everyone who voted. I am honoured to have been re-elected to serve the residents of College Ward.

And thank you to my wife Lida and brother Darryl for managing our campaign, 16-20 hours a day, and our daughters Veronica, Carla and Natalia for putting so much time and skill into the effort. And thank you to our many dedicated volunteers who gave so much of their Fall to help continue making College Ward and the City better.

The new City Council will have a significant number of new members. That is good, but it is also important to have a mix that includes experienced reasoned Councillors who are proven to be effective.

Rick Chiarelli has the most experience of anyone on Council and that helps us all.



Proven Leadership

Rick Chiarelli's experience and skill is what you want representing you because it leads to significant success.


Rick Stands For:


Fixing crumbling roads and infrastructure

Improving snow clearing

Enough police officers for police to fight speeding

Enough police officers for police to combat guns and gangs

Continued community building

More support for seniors



Stopping illegal rooming houses to protect the character of our neighbourhoods is good for students too.

- Algonquin Times interview with Trevor Oates, Algonquin journalism




"…his battles with [the Mayor] might even be part of his appeal. At least somebody is prepared to challenge Watson once in a while.” 

- Ottawa Sun May 6, 2018, Rick Gibbons

Interesting Endorsements:

"If you want a strong, effective council - and a representative who’s there to really represent you with his years of experience, for me - there’s just one choice and that’s Rick Chiarelli."

-, Sue Sherring (long time city hall columnist) READ THE FULL ENDORSEMENT

"Quite simply the best City Councillor we have ever had. Almost always succeeds even when success seems impossible. Look around. He has played a major role in making College Ward the great place to live in that other areas only dream of. And he is the fiscal conscience of Council - dedicated to fiscal responsibility, sensible budgeting, and control on taxes. He is well educated, intelligent and fearless - never one to just toe the line."

- Mary Pitt, former Mayor, first female Mayor of Nepean   

“The councillor is one of the few people who has the temerity to stand up to Mayor Jim Watson … Chiarelli has been pro-active on gangs-and-guns, starting the fix-up of Bells Corners and is a good ward representative. He is also the force behind Nepean’s alcohol-free New Year’s party, an alternative to that evening’s big booze-ups with their unfortunate consequences. Chiarelli is a strong advocate for fiscal responsibility.

The councillor has been waging the good fight to get the city to release the amount it paid landowners when it purchased their properties for light rail …Chiarelli has expertise and experience that [his opponent] does not … The Bulldog endorses Chiarelli."

-, Ken Gray (journalist of 30+ years, former editorial board, Ottawa Citizen)   



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