Rick Chiarelli stands for fixing crumbling roads and infrastructure

More potholes than ever and crumbling roads are bad for our City, our quality of life and our finances. We must make roads and infrastructure maintenance a higher priority at budget time so that we are not forced to pay 10-100 times more to reconstruct. Rick demanded changes to this year’s budget when it put $70 million less into roads and infrastructure than was needed just to stay  where we were. Rick said that was “fake budgeting” and demanded better. As a

Councillor in the former City of Nepean under Ben Franklin, Rick learned that honest budgeting today is the key to reasonable taxes in the future. Some at City Hall did not like it but Rick stood his ground.


Rick Chiarelli stands for proper investment in core services - policing 

Our police are part of the solution to stop speeding on our roads and reverse the record number of shootings. Did you know we have the same number of officers today that we had in 2012 when our city was smaller and had no recognized guns and gangs problem?  Only a few years ago, people were afraid to speed because they were scared they'd get caught.  With so few officers assigned to traffic today, most know they will never get caught.  We need to change that.  Every year, Rick has spoken in favour of the number of police keeping pace with the population growth and new policing challenges. This culminated with him voting against the police budget in 2017 - a move he does not take lightly and has only done sparingly over his entire time in local government.  Why?  Because the police budget presented said right in it that the level of funding was unsustainable and that, if that budget were accepted, the increase would have to be doubled next year.  


Rick Chiarelli stands for proper investment in core services - snow clearing and removal 

Right before Canada Day two years ago, the department tried to bring in a reduction in snow service so that the first ploughs would hit the streets only after 10 cms had fallen. Rick, along with a few others, opposed this, made a big issue in the media and got some concessions including moving the threshold to 7 cms - because this is a core service and it matters.


Rick Chiarelli stands for quality parks and neighbourhood amenities for families, youth and seniors. 

A new state-of-the-art pool in Crestview; new major park redevelopment in City View; community assisted park upgrades in Lynwood and a potential new community hub with efficient senior services in former Leslie Park School to potentially save the school for community use, are just some of the improvements Rick has stood for to enhance quality of life in our neighbourhoods. 

Rick has also proposed that future budgets be structured to include at least one new recreational or community initiative in older neighbourhoods so that we can modernize them while accommodating growing populations and the demands of intensification.


Rick Chiarelli stands for stopping illegal rooming houses to protect the character of our neighbourhoods

Under Provincial law, it is legal for seniors and responsible landlords to rent up to three rooms in their homes - renting more than that threatens the character of our neighbourhoods. We need to stop new illegal rooming houses and eliminate the illegal ones that exist today. After tribunal rulings made enforcement difficult, Rick went to other cities that have solved the problem and brought those solutions home. The first of the two part solution was passed in May. Rick’s key enforcement proposal gives enforcement officers the right to inspect these properties to get proof of an illegal rooming house. It hits Council in the coming months. Rick has proven that he has the courage and ability to champion solutions that work - despite opposition.


Rick Chiarelli stands for community building with Rick Chiarelli's Alcohol-Free New Year's Eve

Every Dec. 31 for over 25 years, RIck, his family and staff host the Rick Chiarelli’s Alcohol-Free New Year’s Eve event, which has been voted the “#1 Place to Be on New Year’s Eve” by CTV viewers for years. With free activities outside (skating, sleigh rides) and inside (talent show, face painting, magic shows, bouncy castle, costumed characters, puzzle room, games room, colouring room, jugglers, singers, etc.) the night finishes with a spectacular fireworks show at 10 pm so even the younger participants can enjoy the display. Proceeds from canteen sales go to support MADD and OSAID. Rick is proud of this community event and will continue to dedicate his holidays to providing an alcohol-free and free event for all.